And this is SmallShout a member management tool that is, easy to use, flexible and giving time saving scope and best of all great value for money.

3 things that SmallShout is great at.

SmallShout is a great tool to manage members of a group or club.


We know how important it is to communicate with members and if you work children you may need to talk to more than one parent!


For any group working with children they need to ensure their safety. Taking a register is an important tracker for attendence and progress.

Time saving

Having one area to manage everything saves time and money. We can show you how to do that with the SmallShout platform.

Our newest groups that have become part of the awesome SmallShout Network!

We are always looking for more clubs and groups to come onboard with us. If you have a group that might interested?
Your group could be displayed in our new clubs section below!

the club

Health and fitness activities for both children and adults

Action Kids

Physical development with fun for children up to the age of 7

Get in touch!

We will tell you more about SmallShout by phone to begin with and if you like what you hear we will come show you what SmallShout software can do!

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